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The Real Culprit for Ecig Bans

January 09, 2015 Lakey Green

To understand the real reason why eCigs are in a constant battle with banishment laws, you must first avert your eyes to the tobacco industry.

This may seem odd at first, seeing as electronic cigarettes are almost the opposite of a real tobacco-filled cigarette; but that’s precisely the reason to grab your attention.

With worldwide sales totaling over 300 billion dollars annually, the tobacco industry continues to grow and thrive as it has done for decades. Despite cigarettes and other tobacco laden products being linked to a multitude of deadly illnesses, including cancer- the industry itself has actually been on a massive rise since the monumental Surgeon’s General Warning report was released in 1964.

Naturally, when big tobacco companies see a new, healthier alternative hit the market, they make it their mission to destroy it at all costs; as it poses a huge threat to their wallets.

This is where most of the anti-eCig campaigns come from. Directly from tobacco companies who give an abundance of money to lobbyists to push their agenda and push out eCigs and all smokeless tobacco products for good.

Over the past 3 years, eCigs have been banned from a multitude of establishments and cities, mostly due to the confusion created by the tobacco industry who wants desperately for the consensus to rule eCigs a danger to your health; a fact that has yet to be proven distinctively.

It must be said, the tobacco industry isn’t the only source for eCig bans. We’ve seen a handful of awareness groups like the American Lung Association and New York-based organization, Tobacco Free Kids attempt to push the banning of electronic cigarettes and related products as well. There has more hidden forces under this Ecig bans movement waiting to be dig out.

At the end of the day, eCigs are still the new-kid-on-the-block; they provide smokers with a better alternative to traditional cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Unfortunately, that’s precisely the reason why the masters of the universe want them off the shelves and out of existence.


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