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Armaggedon MFG

Armageddon Manufacturing first spawning out of two individuals – Ariel Paxson, and John Norman. Ariel Paxson, the owner of a small shop based out of South Florida. This shop was based solely on the ideal of providing a cleaner alternative to smoking. Together with John Norman the two made it their goal to provide extensive knowledge of the vaping industry and excellent customer service for people’s need of nicotine. Together the two provided a service to all who entered this shop – spending as much time needed to make sure that they got to know their client base, and what each individual’s exact needs were and met

Armageddon started out of pure happenstance, thanks to John Norman’s understanding of Cad – a computer program used to manufacture RDA’s, and Ariel’s goal of enhancing the market of niche group of elite builders all the way to the “Average Joe Vaper”. Their ideal – trying to piece together other components of other Rda’s to make the perfect RDA. In making these Rda’s it was not only our idea’s, but it was also customer feedback on what their perfect RDA would look like, and vape like. Neither Ariel, nor John first believed that these sensations of new Rda’s would explode across the market as quickly as it had. The two thought that it would simply remain in shop as their own little project.

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