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Chrysalis RDA by Aethertech – Whole Vape Inc.

Chrysalis RDA by Aethertech

Chrysalis RDA by Aethertech - Whole Vape Inc.
Here is the brand new Chrysalis RDA from Aethertech! Very innovative with lots of new features.

- split positive post
- negative post milled into the deck
- adjustable/tightenable positive post
- peek insulators
- deep juice well
- partitioned airflow below the coils (adjustable)
- airflow behind the coils through the negative post (adjustable)
- upper cyclonic airflow; four slots, counter clockwise rotation (adjustable)
- barrel/main sleeve locks down into place via slotted mechanical lock
- large slotted coil terminals for wide and thick coils
- angled bottoms on coil slots to center coils and accommodate single strand and smaller coils
- removable topcap with a removable top cap adapter for ever easier dripping access
- proprietary drip tip system with a percolated
- Made in USA

$ 69.99