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Brass Able Competition Mod by Avid Lyfe – Whole Vape Inc.

Brass Able Competition Mod by Avid Lyfe

Brass Able Competition Mod by Avid Lyfe - Whole Vape Inc. - 1

Avid Lyfe (Formerly Ameravape or AV)'s new “Able Mod” is a mechanical 18650 sleeve mod.

It's Avid Lyfe's latest in a line of hard hitters. The Able Mod is precision machined with state-of-the-art CNC machines, using premium alloys. Featuring customization in the form of interchangeable sleeves.  Grab your Able now while supplies last!

  • 24mm diameter
  • 464 lead-free Naval brass
  • No adjustments, no battery rattle, direct connect. 
  • Every atomizer sits flush. 
  • The Able Competition Mod utilizes a “Top Hat” design that was designed to help heat dissipation with “Quick-Start” thread technology. 
  • Thick wall design to add to the durability and electrical conductivity of the mod. 
  • Interchangeable sleeves to accessorize the look of your mod. We use a rubber gasket to lock the sleeve into place, so your logos always line up. 
  • Powerful rare-earth magnet button with a locking feature.

WARNING: For advanced users 18+ years old only.  Rebuildable atomizers and mechanical mods require a basic knowledge of Ohm's law, battery amperage, electrical resistance, as well as experienced coil-building.  Build and use at your own risk.  Whole Vape Inc is not responsible for misuse of products and user error.  Vape only within the safe limits of the battery you use.  Always wash your atomizer before use, and regularly with your drip tips.

$ 219.99