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Mark DeYoung, owner of J.Mark Designs and Atty Boy Cotton and Coil Sauce, is a native of North Carolina. As he continues to design jewelry and specialty metal manipulations, he has found his way into the world of vaping... As a former smoker, his only success in quitting was achieved with the use of vaping products. While he was able to accomplish the challenging task of quitting, he was very dissatisfied with the lack of knowledge in the industry, and even more so with the products that were being offered to the consumer... While trying hundreds of different eliquids on the market, a personal decision was made. To create a truly clean, and realistic tasting nicotine delivery liquid. After over a year of development Atty Boy was born... While the satisfaction of providing what we consider a true micro ejuice line, there was still a desire left. Why not design and create a high end device to match the quality of the liquids! ROGUE USA MODS was the end result... Finally a way to offer functioning artwork, and hopefully help others to have a more pleasurable experience in their attempts to find a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Our motto is simple, you don't know bad, until you have had good...Enjoy, and rest assured all of our products offered are made with one goal only, to be the finest available.