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Tendou Vapor


Since its inception in 2014, Tendou, Inc. engages in product design, product development, manufacture, and servicing the vape industry.  The company’s philosophy is PRECISION WORKMANSHIP YIELDS QUALITY.  Our founders, each having at least fifteen years of experience in the manufacturing industry continue to forge on a foundation to create reliable and authentic vape products.  Tendou’s goals in the next five to ten years are,

  • Design vape products around consumer needs
  • Continue to push the boundaries of innovation
  • Focused workmanship to produce high quality vape gears that will endure the test of time
  • Create a complete “one stop” line of vape gears consumers will love and enjoy
  • Offer a professional and friendly customer support team to assist in all questions related to our products
  • Build solid alliances with modders and vendors to create a better vape community
  • Active involvement in the support of the vape community

At Tendou, Inc. we will continue to release new products through a pre-planned time-line.  Products releasing in the near future will include products such as mechanical mods, box mods (regulated and unregulated), RDAs, and RTAs.

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